Cisco WebEx Productivity Tools Plug−In
Start, schedule, and join WebEx sessions right from your favorite applications.
Increase efficiencies—eliminate multiple emails and instant messages to collaborate or to organize a work session.
Communicate smarter. Make decisions faster. Schedule and join WebEx meetings simply and easily. to your
account to install the Cisco WebEx™ Productivity Tools Plug−In.
How to use WebEx Productivity Tools
with Microsoft® Office®
Discover how fast and easy it is to start a one−click meeting
using the Cisco WebEx Productivity Tools toolbar. Start or
schedule a meeting right from within Microsoft® Outlook®
and other popular email applications.
How to use WebEx Productivity Tools
with instant messenger
Turn an instant message into an instant meeting—using integrated audio and video. Click the Start Meeting
button that WebEx Productivity Tools adds to your favorite IM client and web browser,enter the meeting information, and you′re ready to go!
How to get WebEx Productivity Tools
Productivity tool installation instructions.
1 to your WebEx account. 3 Select Productivity Tools Setup from the left navigation
2 Click on My WebEx. Enter user name and password
if prompted.
4 Click Install Productivity Tools.